Pregnancy And Dental Cleanings

Pregnancy And Dental Cleanings

When a woman is expecting a child, the health of the child comes first and so do the appointments with the gynecologist. However, that doesn’t mean the other appointments can be ignored. One of the recent studies established that women don’t go for their dental checkups when they are expecting. Though a significant percentage of them have issues such as bleeding gums and toothaches, they avoid dental appointments, says the dentist in Houston, TX.

It has been observed that hormonal changes during pregnancy can worsen the oral issues such as gum disease and gingivitis. Studies say that 63% of the women say that their oral health is in good condition before pregnancy, but the number drops to 55% during pregnancy. Also, 36% of the expectant mothers say that it has been more than a year since they last visited the dentist in Houston TX.

According to the dentist in Westheimer Rd, dental checkups are quite important, which is why most of the dental insurance plans cover preventive care visit every 6 months with almost no or negligible out of the pocket cost. Some of the dental benefit plans have special maternity programs with additional services such as extra cleanings or discounts on oral health prescriptions.

It was observed that pregnant women and new mothers who took advantage of the dental maternity programs through the benefit plan had better oral health habits as compared to the ones who did not participate or did not have a program available to them, says the dentist near Houston.

It’s said that 62% of the women brush their teeth daily, twice and the figures reach up to 76% for those who are participating in the dental benefit plan maternity program. 48% of the women who floss at least once a day, which increases to 81% for women who are participating or who have participated in a dental benefit maternity program.

Women whose doctors talk about oral health with them, are more likely to have dental checkup during pregnancy. It is also important to take care of your dental health once the baby arrives.