Relieving Dental Anxiety

Relieving Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety is the unknown fear a person has of visiting the dentist’s office. Generally, you will tackle this anxiety and book an appointment of a dentist near you. But at times, the case gets complicated. You simply can not deal with the thought of visiting the dentist. This makes you skip important checkups and appointments. This would make you prone to teeth diseases and other related problems.

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What Counts As Dental Anxiety?

There is no actual definition which covers everything that counts as dental anxiety but you can infer that when someone is scared or nervous about visiting their dentist, it counts as dental anxiety.

There is scaled called the Corah dental anxiety scale that helps you determine the level of dental anxiety a person has.

The patients need to fill out a questionnaire. After the questionnaire is filled, the patients are rated from the following levels of dental anxiety:

  • Little-to-no dental anxiety
  • Moderate dental anxiety
  • High dental anxiety
  • Dental phobia

If you have little-to-no or moderate dental anxiety, you would not have a problem in visiting a dentist in Houston TX.

If you have a higher level of anxiety, then sedation might be the option for you.

How To Know If Sedation Dentistry Is Right For You

It might be right for you if:

You have a very strong gag reflex – Strong gag reflex makes tooth cleaning difficult. This is why it is recommended to go for sedation

Going to the dentist makes you uncomfortable – If the dental anxiety is more than moderate, you can ask your dentist for the advice on the same.

You’re having multiple procedures performed – Sedation becomes important in the case of multiple surgeries.

You have a very low pain threshold – People who cannot take too much of pain need to take sedation.

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