Sedation Dentistry in Houston, TX

Sedation Dentistry in Houston, TX

Most dental treatments (routine cleanings, fillings, sealants, etc.) do not require sedation. However, patients with anxiety when visiting the dentist office and surgical procedures such as wisdom teeth extractions may call for some type of sedation.

Sedation dentistry is a practice used to help relieve patients of their anxiety. It utilizes medications (sedatives) to help patients stay relaxed throughout their dental appointment. It can cause patients to fall asleep, although they usually remain conscious during their treatment.

IV Sedation Dentistry in Houston

Sedation varies in strength – from minimal sedation, where the patient stays awake, but in a relaxed state, to sedation that renders the patient unconscious. At Dental Art in Houston, TX, we offer IV sedation, which is considered a moderate level of sedation.

To administer IV sedation, medication is passed through a vein via a needle (intravenously). Because of this direct method of administration, it takes effect very quickly. You will be monitored closely, with the level of anesthesia being adjusted as needed. IV sedation allows you to stay awake during the procedure, but in a very relaxed state; you may not remember much about the procedure once you leave the dentist office. The effects of IV sedation can linger, so it’s recommended that you have someone drive you home.

Be sure to speak to your dentist if you feel that you need IV sedation during a dental appointment.