Your First Visit

Your First Visit

At Dental Art, we love our patients. And we especially love getting new patients! Our goal is to create a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere at our dental office in Houston, TX.

The first time you come to our office, we will need you to fill out some paperwork. This will consist of standard information such as your medical history and insurance information, etc. Please plan on arriving a few minutes before your appointment time to get this done. Assistance will be available from our helpful staff at any time.

Once the paperwork is completed, your appointment will continue with a general exam (consisting of dental x-rays, oral cancer screening, etc.) and a general cleaning. Following this, a dentist will be in to speak with you about your general oral health, based on an analysis of your exam. Together, you will develop a care plan for your oral health. If no issues were detected, this would generally consist only of future routine check-ups and cleanings. If there were any problems, however, your dentist can make recommendations on the most appropriate next steps for your condition. Before you leave, you will make an appointment for your next visit.

We can make any accommodations necessary to make your visit go smoothly. We hope that your first visit will be the beginning of many years of good oral health with us!