Things You Should Know About Dentures Right Now

Things You Should Know About Dentures Right Now

The dentures that are now available are very comfortable, and one can not make out the difference between those being dentures as well.

What are dentures?

The dentist in Houston TX make the dentures with porcelain or hard resin which a be removable in most of the cases. If you have lost or missing teeth then the custom made artificial teeth and gums called dentures would help you fix that. There are two types of dentures: Complete and Partial Dentures.

Complete dentures

Complete dentures are used when all the teeth are missing and can be removed and cleaned while sleeping at night. The dentist in Westheimer Rd may use the dentures that need the suction to stay in place while others use an oral adhesive. The complete dentures can be a fit for both the top as well as the bottom gum.

Partial dentures

The dentist in Houston TX uses the partial denture when only individual teeth are missing. The partial denture can either be placed on the remaining natural teeth or cemented in the place as permanent bridges. The partial denture is a plastic frame that is flexible and has one or more prosthetic teeth attached to it.

How to care for dentures?

The main thing about taking care of the dentures is to clean it properly which requires the following steps:

Brush: you need to remove the food residue, plaque, and tartar by gently brushing the dentures

Soak: place your dentures in warm water overnight with dissolvable denture cleaner

Brush again and rinse

The dentist near Houston will also suggest to very gently brush the gums as well.

Foods to avoid

There are certain things that the dentist in Houston TX would ask you to avoid eating:
Coffee and tea: leading to irritated gums and dry mouth
Crunchy or sticky food: Dislodge your dentures
Crunchy foods, nuts, and seeds: can lodge between your dentures leading to pain and irritation
Hard to chew food: lead to sore spots in your mouth.

Products to avoid.

The dentist near you would make sure that you do not use the regular toothpaste as it can cause damage such as scratches or wearing down of materials. The dentist in Westheimer Rd would also suggest avoiding using bleaching products as it can weaken the dentures and discolor it which could make it look less natural.