What to expect after getting partial dentures?

What to expect after getting partial dentures?

Full or partial dentures can generate apprehension in patients. The new recipients often don’t know what to expect after they get their dentures. Partial dentures are as mysterious as full dentures from an uncertainty perspective.

Partial dentures help in filling the gap left by missing teeth with a stable solution than traditional. It comes in two types of the framework-

  • Metal frames with clasps are attached to teeth
  • Tooth connectors give natural looking teeth

Dentist in Houston ensures removed partial dentures are attached with your natural teeth with ‘precision attachments’ that help them to keep in place.

Dentist in Houston TX says denture need proper care as they are fragile. Clean your dentures with the help of a towel or sink filled with water. This protects them if you drop the appliance. Use a special brush designed.

Few things you need to consider after getting partial dentures-

  • Full denture feeling
    It may take a few weeks to get used to having the partial dentures in your mouth. Patients usually feel their mouth is full with less room for their tongue.
  • Daily cleaning
    New partial denture will never get a cavity. It will start to collect plaque and calculus that may stain and smell. Westheimer road dentist recommends washing your partial denture daily with the use of hand soap and a toothbrush.
  • Remove your partial denture
    Don’t grab the thin metal clasping arms in order to remove your partial denture. Try to remove them by holding the thicker metal or plastic parts on each side. This will eventually lead to less loosening over time.

Never make adjustments to your partial dentures by yourself. You may end up breaking or damaging the clasp. If you’re wearing dentures for several weeks but still feeling uncomfortable, visit dentist in Westheimer Rd or a dentist near Houston. Their denturists ensure professional care of your denture needs.